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Refinement of liquid residues into humus fertilizer

Willkommen bei WITTERRA

Willkommen bei WITTERRA

About the plant

The Witterra humus plant refines liquid residues such as liquid manure, digestate from biogas or residues from the food industry into a high-quality humus fertilizer.

Microorganisms process the liquid residues in a stable and highly efficient aerobic process. The final product is a dry and stabilized humus fertilizer, with a soft structure and a pleasant smell of potting soil and forest soil. The humus fertilizer can be marketed directly as peat substitute for potting soil or as an organic fertilizer without further additives.

Our humus plant combines technical simplicity and microbiological efficiency in a unique way and is characterized by:   


  • Sturdy frame: a simple and robust plant design ensures maximum utilization and minimum downtimes

  • Full processing: refinement of 100 % of the liquid material into a dry and nutrient-stable humus fertilizer.

  • A starting product: the Witterra humus plant produces only humus fertilizer. No other by-products or liquids are produced in the process.

  • Self-sufficient: Our humus process requires neither heat nor chemicals. Nutrients for the bacteria are introduced via the input materials and the organic decomposition generates sufficient heat.

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